7 Weeks after the Tsunami: There are quite some projects going on

In Lumba Lumba Shop

Compressor 060-smThe compressor: we have been busy cleaning, drying, polishing, greasing every little part of the compressor, absolutely spick and span. After taking everything apart till the last single atom, Ton has started with putting it back together!!! We have ordered spare parts from Jakarta, and hopefully they’ll arrive within a couple of days.
Cap Amad and Addi repaired the 2 flooded boat engines, with the spare parts we bought in Medan. Most of the electricity plugs/pipes inside the building are cleaned, checked and working. The water pump and pipes are fixed, but the water supply coming in is still minimum. However, we can take a shower again (which is luxury)!

On Gapang Beach

Beach_cleanup_03_smBeach cleaning: we will continue with project “save the trees, care for their roots, hold on to our beach”. We have cut (with the new chain-saw) the rest of the fallen trees that threaten to bring down others with their roots entwined, and fill up the holes between the roots. One of the big tree trunks can be used to make 1 dugout canoe and from the rest planks and poles for rebuilding.
Rebuilding: Our neighbour Syukur is cleaning his premises and made a table to sit outside. In the coming week we’ll order stones, cement and sand for his damaged building. We’ll also start with Buchari’s restaurant. The Jungle family, already extended their little hut, which was left standing behind their former home/restaurant, and they plan to build a pondok first as a base for the restaurant.

In Iboih village / Iboih beach

Iboih_beach_smIn Iboih beach, the people are cleaning as well, there are projects rebuilding the mosque and building new public toilets. The chainsaw was used in Iboih to make planks for Yulie’s restaurant and for repairing some of the boats. Clothes, sarongs and gas stoves with pots and pans for the families who lost everything were distributed. There is a plan to start with building a new fishing boat for the village, with a 15 pk outboard boat engine.

In the water

And soon a reef survey project will start in coorporation with the university of Singapore. What we have seen ourselves and heard so far, it seems that the deeper reefs are unaffected by the earthquake and tsunami! And some snorkeling and a shore dive in the shallow areas of Gapang, showed that here more than 95 % of the corals are OK!!! I met 2 of the resident turtles (very happy about that) and stumbled on a new resident; a big giant great barracuda. And in the (now again) fresh water behind our shop, we seen that at least two fresh water turtles are still there as well, and weren’t washed out to sea. We will have to do some beach clean dives for sure, once the compressor is working. I saw jeans, roof materials, branches and other debris lying around, but in total, it’s not bad at all.

Thank you for all compassion and encouragement shown! It highly motivates us to go on! It’s no secret we’ve had a few big blue moments when we weren’t so sure anymore…