Snorkel Trips & Dolphin Safari


Special Snorkel Day Trips & Dolphin Safari

Snorkel Trips and the Dolphin Safari is the newest addition to our service for you: We are constantly working on ideas how to improve our service for our diving and snorkelling guests. And we are excited to announce our newest addition of excursions for the whole family!

In general our bay of Gapang is sheltered for currents and very nice for snorkeling with its many colourful fish and sometimes a turtle in the shallow areas. But since this year we also offer special snorkel tours to the Iboih Marine Park Area, or further to the East or the West of Pulau Weh to enjoy some of our beautiful snorkel sites. Kids love snorkelling, so make this one of the highlights of your family holiday. During these trips we will be visiting a few different snorkeling sites, always with a special twist.

You can join a half or a full day. We can even add a special dolphin watching tour part for the early morning, starting at 7:00.

If you never have been snorkeling before, you are unsure what you have to do or just would like to have some advises you could think of joining one of our skin diver sessions. Find some more information directly with PADI or just ask us, we are happy to assist with all your questions!  

Now its the time, book your stay with us and join one of our snorkel tours directly from Gapang Beach, to explore the world beneath the surface. Contact us today to get your personally offer within the next 24 hours! 

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